05 April 2011

"Oh, I think I've already seen it!"

Most of us have at least once exclaimed in our life, 'Oh, I think I've already seen this!" When you are in a get-together with friends, at some moment you feel that you have already been in exactly similar a company some time before. Or when your teacher(usually a teacher you likes a lot) tells a particular thing in the class, you feel he/she had already told this in the class in exactly similar a context. You might have overlooked it as one among the plays of mind.(Of course it is). But did you know this phenomenon has got a name? Yes, that feel is called Deja Vu. It is a French phrase meaning 'already seen'. This term was coined by a French psychology researcher named Emile Boirac.
Although this Deja Vu has been extensively studied by many psychologists, no established theory is there to explain this phenomenon. No one has ever succeeded in reproducing this feeling in laboratory conditions either. The exponents of ESP(Extra Sensory Perception or അതീന്ദ്രിയ ജ്ഞാനം) working in parapsychology consider this as a strong evidence of extra sensory powers. Since ESP itself is something yet to be approved as areal thing, it doesn't make any difference. Many attempts have been there to link deja vu with abnormal psychology like schizophrenia, dissociative identity disorder etc and even with the anomalies of neural networks in the brain. But it has been experimentally proved that persons with some observable anomalies in the temporal lobe of cerebrum, feels deja vu very frequently.
Whatever, I have experienced this Deja Vu many times and don't know how this stuff works exactly.


  1. Njan Koree Naal Ithne Kurchichu alochichrunnu..Pakshe Innu Athu Manslilayi..Deja Vu ennathu Cinmeyude peril ninnu ariyamenkilum Innanu athinu oru Explanation Kittiyathu..

  2. cinema kaanumbol enikkum ee saadhanam entha ennariyillaayirunnu. pinneed kure psychology okke padichappozha sangathi pudi kittiyath

  3. thank you...i usually feel this when i visit new places..they looks like something i already seen and some pages in books feels like i have already seen them


  4. @arjun: its a ubiquitous experience. I haven't met a person who didn't have this experience