24 March 2011

Galileo Didn't Invent Telescope

Most of us know Galileo as the inventor of telescope. But actually it was not Galileo who made the first telescope. History says that Hans Lippershey, a Dutch lensmaker made the first refracting optical instrument called telescope. There are also many stories that how he came up with its idea. One among them says, he happened to witness two children playing with lenses and talking how they could make far objects appear closer. There are also rumors that he stole this idea from his apprentices. Anyway, now Lippershey is considered as the inventor of telescope. Galileo introduced a lot of improvements to the instrument and he also own the credit of utilizing telescope for valuable astronomical observations.

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  1. I do agree that Hans Lippershey invented telescope. But it is the crude form of it. It was Galileo who made dramatic improvements to the instrument and made it capable of viewing celestial objects. Anyway best wishes for the new blog.